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HTML5 vs Native App

HTML5 vs Native App

Mobile applications are the most important software nowadays. Each year, thousands of mobile applications, games are published to stores. There are two main methodologies in mobile development. First one is HTML5 web applications and the other one is native programming.

In native programming, applications are development with default SDK of the platform. In IOS, it is objective C, and in android devices it is Java. On the other hand, HTML5 applications are HTML codes, which works in web interface of the mobile operating system. In each platform has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will have a look at them.

The basic advantage of native programming is the performance and the smoothness. Applications use the core functionalities of the operating system. CPU and Graphics card accelerated operations give users better experiences. Another advantage is softwares use less memory resources, when compared to HTML applications.

The biggest advantage of the HTML applications is design issues. There is no design constraints in HTML5 design, therefore designers can create many nice looking applications. Another advantage is easiness of development. HTML5 applications can be programmed even in notepad, and code can be simulated via a browser. It is easier to develop, test and submit applications.

The one of the challenges in native programming is the limit of SDK. Developers can use only the functions in current SDK. Also when there is a new SDK, some of the applications may fail, due to deprecated functions and objetcs. But in HTML5 standarts do not change, therefore same code mostly works in each version of the SDK. If there is a new SDK, developers should update their applications, in order to fix new bugs. But in HTML5, there is not any maintenance cost.

Before developing a mobile applications the requirements and the future of the project should be described clearly. Each different programming style has its advantages and disadvantages. According the project needs, correct version should be chosen.


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